IT Asset Visibility

Get accurate IT asset data in seconds from all your endpoints.

Only Tanium enables a continuous process so you can quickly discover IT assets and gather live endpoint data. You’ll have access to a continuously up-to-date, global inventory of all your hardware and software assets.

IT Asset Visibility Solution Brief

You can’t effectively track what you don’t even know you have.

Companies are consuming software, hardware, and cloud-based services faster than ever to innovate and grow their business. At the same time, most companies are challenged to effectively keep track of their various assets, resulting in excess software and server spend, and heightened audit risk.

You’re wasting money on software licensing.

Your business can’t afford to waste money on software licenses you don’t need. Existing tools can’t give you live software utilization metrics from all your endpoints using easily accessible natural language queries. Defend against vendor audits, and reclaim expensive unused or underused software licenses to save money.

You’re failing to utilize all server and software assets.

Under-utilized server and software assets lead to poor efficiency and wasted spend. Existing tools don’t allow you to quickly query for and produce detailed inventory information for every asset within your enterprise environment – from employee workstations to virtual machines or assets in the cloud.

Your total cost of ownership is through the roof.

Existing tools make it virtually impossible to scan for unmanaged and lost assets without impacting your network.

You don’t have accurate data about your endpoints.

Inaccurate data puts your organization at risk by causing artificially high confidence about the state of your endpoints. Existing tools fail to gather asset data and rely on poorly designed architectures that do not scale effectively.

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IT Asset Visibility Overview

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