Gain resilience with Tanium.

The platform for manageability and security.

Fortify your environment with a single point of management. Observe and act on your environment with speed at scale. Remove the divide between operations and security to continuously make better decisions.

How It Works

No organization believes they’re fragile.

Cybersecurity and operational outages mean potential lost revenue and diminished brand value. With increasing complexity and scale of technology, those who don’t act to address their fragile foundation risk being left behind… or worse.

A business cannot succeed relying on legacy point solutions. Such tools are no longer able to handle the speed and scale of today’s environments. Layers of difficult-to-integrate point solutions make enterprises fragile. Lacking a single source of truth, teams become disconnected and workflows slow.

What does it take to become resilient? It starts with a clean-sheet approach to reduce complexity, unite teams, and enable your organization to adapt for the future.

Resilient organizations are built upon foundational principles:

Control Complexity

Your modern network is highly distributed and diverse. You’re likely running an average of four to six operating systems on end-user devices and four to seven different operating systems on servers. And you’re running hundreds of business-critical applications – some more sensitive to OS-layer changes than others – atop these platforms.

Unify Teams

You’ve purchased best-of-breed solutions for years. Because you ultimately need a unified view, you may have even invested in aggregation of data and workflow across those solutions. However, these integration efforts ultimately become too complex and fail. What’s needed is a clean-sheet approach that eliminates fragmented data and provides a single source of truth for security and operations teams to collaborate.

Enable Adaptability

The purpose-built tools you’re using are each intended to do one job. But do they allow your organization to adapt to the speed and evolution of today’s challenges? Rigid, discrete point tools extend your mean time to recover and introduce inefficiencies in your day-to-day activities. With an extensible platform, you can quickly adapt to ever-changing requirements.

Tanium is a different paradigm for manageability and security.

Resilience comes with complete visibility and control over technology at scale. By consolidating systems management and security on Tanium, organizations are able to reduce the complexity of their environments and finally gain a consolidated view across teams. Using Tanium as a single source of truth, security and operations teams can work more effectively. Built as a flexible platform, teams can handle situations as new needs arise.

Tanium is a trusted partner to many of the world’s largest organizations.

Managing and securing an infrastructure with tens of thousands or even millions of systems is no simple task. Mix in the adversity of an incident or new threat and the last thing you need is a software vendor driven by services revenue. What’s needed is a vendor who approaches service and support differently. A vendor who will be there when adversity hits. Through our Technical Account Management organization, Tanium is consistently recognized as a trusted partner to our clients.