State and Local Government

State and local government agencies have a tremendous responsibility: securing critical data while also meeting the needs and expectations of their citizens. And they need to do it with limited budgets, staff, and sometimes unreliable technology. Tanium provides state and local government agencies with a generational shift in technology, giving them a single platform to understand, secure, and take action on every endpoint in their IT environment in seconds.


Transform IT management & security

Tanium enables your government agency to proactively manage and secure your IT environment, increasing compliance and resiliency. With continuously accurate data on every endpoint across your organization, you stay steps ahead of attackers.

Create a single source of truth

Tanium is a single platform that identifies, maps and secures all your endpoints — managed and unmanaged — creating a single source of truth for your government agency. This reduces complexity and IT asset costs, while enabling you to better leverage existing IT investments.

Gain real-time visibility and control

Tanium helps your government agency move beyond reactive security practices, providing you a real-time visibility and control of every endpoint in your IT environment. You’ll have access to a continuously up-to-date inventory of all your IT assets, and the ability to take action on those endpoints in seconds, from patching to detecting and responding to threats.

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